50 Dinge


Ich habe gerade eine überraschend gute Liste gefunden „50 Things She Wishes You Knew“. Überraschend deshalb, weil sie im Original aus „Men’s Health“ ist, sowas erwartet man doch eher in einer Frauenzeitschrift. 😉

Dem Redakteur gehört auf jedenfall tief gedankt dafür, sowas in ein Männermagazin aufzunehmen, weil auch wenn ich nicht alle Punkte 100% für mich passend finde, unterschreibe ich doch die folgenden von ganzem Herzen:

3. I will leave if you lie.
4. You are cute in raglan-sleeved T-shirts (two-toned baseball undershirts).
6. I love it when you hug me from behind and whisper in my ear.
8. Most of the time when I fantasize, it’s about you.
10. I get turned on simply seeing that I have an e-mail from you.
13. I’m scared of losing my independence.
14. I’m more forgiving of you than I really should be.
17. If I’m not having sex with you, I’m… a. …having a fat day. b. …not feeling “connected” to you. […]
19. I own a Debbie Gibson CD, and I’m not afraid to use it.
21. A man I love plans the occasional fancy-schmancy dress-up date and impromptu weekend getaways, and he buys my favorite candy in advance when we’re just going to the movies.
22. You look hot in hooded clothing items.
23. You should never tell me what to do.
24. If I slept over, you owe me breakfast.
26. If you ask me out directly, I will say yes.
27. I’m very impressed when you ask for my advice.
31. Women get urinary-tract infections easily, so watch (and wash) your fingers.
32. I’m in heaven when you hold my hand.
33. You’re sexy when you’re shaving, fixing things, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, driving, eating a peach […]
34. I need to hear how you feel about me. Often. Tell me now.
37. If I’m not feeling loved, I will start looking….
39. I like it when you tell me what you’re thinking, even if you don’t know yourself.
40. Celebrating our anniversary, even if it’s only been a few months, earns major bonus points.
41. I love it when you’re sweaty.
44. I like porn.
45. I love holding your bum in the palms of my hands.
46. Even nice girls like hushed dirty talk in public.
47. It’s cheating as soon as you’re doing something with her that you wouldn’t want me to see, hear, read…
48. For the record: I’d rather you break up with me than cheat.


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  1. […] hab letztes Jahr eine Liste mit “50 Things She Wishes You Knew” gepostet, einer der wichtigsten davon ist die Nummer 47: It’s cheating as soon as you’re […]

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